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A quick way to improve your smile and hide chipped, crooked, decayed, or stained teeth is with porcelain veneers at Bites creadores de sonrisas. Dental veneers are light shells made out of porcelain that can be bonded to the front of your teeth to improve the overall look of your smile. Offering customized and minimal-prep veneers, our cosmetic dentists can help improve the color, size, shape, or length of your teeth. Schedule an appointment at our office to learn more about porcelain veneers and decide if they are right for your needs.

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Some Things Are Easier From The Cellphone

There is no doubt, Tijuana is a popular destination for dental tourism in Mexico. Bites Creadores de Sonrisas is a worldwide dental care provider who attracts thousands of patients from the US, Canada, Australia, and Europe, who are looking to save over 70% on dental treatments, as well as to have a dental vacation at the same time.

Furthermore, we strive to give the very best service to all of our patients. That’s why we created an exclusive concierge service for dental tourism.

Patient Services makes your stay pleasant and stress-free, offering advice on what to do during your stay, restaurants you can visit and transportation options.

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Savings with Bites up to 75% compared to US